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Our Business

Development of wearable testing kits for female healthcare

A hassle-free process is very important for consumers who need routine tests. We are developing wearable testing kits focusing on hormones and diseases particular to women. The wearable testing kit can carry out the tests just by wearing it, rather than having to take blood or urine samples.
Our products will provide new options for healthcare and will greatly contribute to the promotion of women's health.


Device-free rapid genetic testing kit

In the case of COVID-19 and influenza tests, PCR testing and antigen testing are widely used. Although PCR testing is highly sensitive, measuring device is inevitable which results in needs of mailing process and intervals before obtaining results. On the other hand, antigen testing requires no device but the risk of pseudo-negative result is much higher in spite of painful nasal swab collection is essential. While PCR and antigen testing have drawbacks in promptness or sensitivity, new test kit which enables to administrate antiviral drugs at an early stage of infection is in need.
The infectious disease test kit developed by Cranebio has the same sensitivity as the PCR method, but is a test kit that can be measured even at home using saliva as a specimen without purchasing extra device. 
​In addition to COVID-19 and influenza, we are also developing a wide range of infectious diseases such as HPV.

Rapid water/food sanitation test

We develop rapid genetic test kits that do not require special equipment and test results have come out on the spot. Test kits can be applied not only for screening of infectious disease but also for water quality inspection and food sanitation inspection.


Our Technology

Dozyme -DNA origami scaffolded enzyme- 

Using DNA origami technology, we have succeeded in developing artificial enzymes named “Dozyme” that expresses enzymatic activity only in the presence of certain substrates. The substrates of Dozyme can be selected arbitrary from nucleic acids, proteins, and small molecules, moreover, the types of the enzymatic activity can be chosen as well.
Utilizing Dozyme, we are developing medical testing kits for detecting various viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19. Test kits can be used in any places to detect early-stage infectious diseases thanks to their high-sensitivity, which is equivalent to the PCR test.

How Dozyme works 

High sensitive lateral flow immunoassay

Lateral flow immunoassay provides simple and rapid test kits used for COVID-19 or influenza test kits. With our unique know-how, we have succeeded in developing test strips that can be detected in the order of pM without using any devices.​ We apply our know-how to the targets which require high sensitivity to provide device-free tests which make inspections more user-friendly.

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